Healthy Life, Healthy Eyes

Welcome to Dr. Shilpi Pradhan’s educational mission site about Lifestyle Medicine and you!

Have you ever had a health scare like chest pain, slurred speech or finding a lump in your breast?

I have had two of those three things happen and they scared to so much.

Why are we afraid of health scares the most?

It is because your life, my life, our lives are the most precious possession we have.

Without a healthy body or life, we are either running to the doctor’s office every day or we are dead.

Discover your potential!

Now is the time! Change your body and change your life.

We’re going to teach you how changing your diet can help you:

  • live longer, live better
  • have more energy
  • decrease your risk of a heart attack 
  • decrease your risk of a stroke
  • decrease your risk of vision loss

Take our course to learn how you can extend your life

Imagine if you felt empowered to change your life!

Imagine if you could not worry about having another heart attack or stoke.

Imagine if you felt like you had the knowledge of how to not let your glaucoma advance. 

Imagine if you had your ideal body and ideal state of health. 

Imagine if you felt in control of your health!

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